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Alzheimers Society master logo (colour)

The Alzheimer's Society logo is the clearest representation of our brand. It is optimistic, bright, clean and approachable and should be used on all materials across the Society.

You can download our logos at your own convenience or find out more information about the brand hierachy and sub brands if you see our brand hierarchy page. If you need any further help or information please feel free to contact us

Given the importance of the logo we have put together a few simple guidelines below to ensure it is always used consistently.

1 Give the logo a little breathing space

An exclusion zone has been established in order to protect our logo from being undermined by other elements and to allow it to stand-out.

A clear space should always be provided around the logo as shown here. The space is defined by the Alzheimer's 'A' taken from the logo at usage size.  

2 Make sure the logo always stands out

Minimum logo size

  • The master logo should never be reproduced smaller than 35mm in width. 
  • The stacked version should be used when the area for the logo is less than 35mm. The stacked logo is not to be used below 25mm in width.


Although our master logo (the one we really like you to use) is colour we also have a black and white version of the logo. When deciding on which logo to use, always prioritise the stand out it would have against the background.

3 Always use the most appropriate logo

Stacked logo

Alzheimers Society stacked logo (colour)

A stacked version of the logo has been developed to be used only when:

  • the master logo would need to be reduced to fit below 35mm 
  • the format and/or context dictates.

Examples of appropriate use include co-branding situations where the logo appears with other logos, and narrow advertising columns where space is limited.

Welsh logo

Welsh logo stacked

We have two Welsh logos that should be used in the same way as the English master and stacked versions.

Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) endorsement

The stacked logo can be used when it appears at a small scale directly alongside the FRSB logo. For advice and information on how to use the FRSB logo please read the FRSB Logo Protocol document. You can also contact the Fundraising team on 0870 417 0192 or visit the Fundraising Standards Board website.

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